Global Research via CATI

Since 43 years we’ve been collecting data in 106 countries with an international team of expert researchers. CATI counts.

With AMR, you can conduct reliable studies around the world. Just send us the questionnaire and we will take care of all data collection tasks. Regardless of how small the target group, regardless of how large the quota: Your study can start immediately.

43 years of experience

Companies have been relying on us since 1981: your study will be carried out successfully and on time.

Native telephone Interviewers

Native telephone interviewers 

Our more than 600 professionally trained interviewers conduct your surveys in 32 languages.

Studies in 72 Countries

Studies in 106 countries

AMR operates globally on six continents. With us, you can conduct studies around the world. 

B2B & B2C Respondents

B2B & B2C respondents

Whatever target group and quota you need: With us you will reach almost anyone.

ISO certified market research institute

100% valid data

Certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20252:2019. Your data is reliable and neutral – ready to be analyzed.

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Advanced Market Research
Your Trusted Partner
for Global Data Collection

What our clients say

Jan Inge Isacsson
President and CEO, ScandInfo Marketing Research AB

We have collaborated successfully with AMR since 2003 and together we have delivered many international research projects to clients both in the consumer products market as well as in the business-to-business sector.

Mathieu Capilla
Business Unit Manager, TNS Sofres

We have been working with AMR for the last 5 years on a large and challenging 9 country CATI research among a very narrow and hard to reach B2B population. AMR has consistently proven to be a reliable and open partner which year on year has allowed us to deliver the data quality and insights our client expects from us.