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About AMR

New questions are your starting point when you want to achieve more, or when you want to cross national boundaries. Just ask us. AMR has a international team of researchers who will network you with countries on all continents. No roundabout routes, no language barriers, no outsourcing of data collection – the main source of valid market research.

global data collection for your market research

Expertise in B2B Survey

Through extensive experience we have built a worldwide database of high net worth individuals and business professionals in various industries, such as IT-Management, Financial Services, just to name a few. Our B2B panels consist of validated and qualified decision makers at various levels and positions. They are recruited from numerous past studies and credible sample sources and all have been verified by phone. This guarantees a high-quality in sampling of B2B target groups.

Expertise in data collection surveys

Global Reach

With global, native coverage of over 30 languages across diverse time zones and with 40 years of experience, we provide the highest quality of data collection and analysis from A to Z, without compromise.
Our central European location in Düsseldorf is advantageous, allowing us to reach respondents across global time zones: during the day to Europe and Africa, in the evening to the USA/South America and overnight to reach markets in Asia and Australia.


Research Services

Our staff is completely up to date on all statistical procedures and data collection methodologies. We provide individualized service according to your specific research needs and goals. AMR also offers statistical analysis and reporting, tabulations, infographics, recruitment services and more…

Our Interviewers


With a selected, thoroughly trained field team of native speaking executive interviewers, AMR offers added value when it comes to the scalability of multi-country-studies, shorter survey periods and substantial cost savings.

AMR also has a growing team of external interviewers, connected to our survey-platform and working from remote locations all over the world.

Specially trained interviewers conducting surveys for B2B and B2C audiences are selected to work on diverse research projects that match the specific requirements of each project, in compliance with GDPR and Esomar standards.



Cooperation with moweb research to offer mixed mode studies


Expansion into Social Media and Web recruiting


Relocation to new facility with a larger interviewing center


CATI expansion including markets in Asia, EMEA and Latin America


AMR CATI expansion in Europe, North America and Australia


Introduction of CATI


AMR founded by Ulrich Buchholz (managing shareholder of ›forsa Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung und statistische Analysen‹) for the German market 


Ulrich Buchholz

Ulrich Buchholz

Owner & Founder

Herbert Höckel

Herbert Höckel

Managing Director

Michael Niedan

Michael Niedan


Alessandra Menghini Buchholz

Alessandra Menghini Buchholz

Key Account Manager EMEA

Satish Thalla

Dr. Satish Thalla

Key Account Manager APAC

Sumesh Viswanathan

Sumesh Viswanathan

Business Development Manager

Brett Gathje

Brett Gathje

Brett Gathje has extensive management experience in various industries, including team leader at ›Kwik Trip (USA)‹, supervisor at the ›Mayo Clinic‹ (USA) and SEO developer at ›Trivago‹ (Germany).

Key Account Manager EMEA


Nouran Hassan

Junior Project Manager


Thomas Raschen

Field Supervisor


Rita Wybrands

Senior Research Analyst


Titus Köhler

Titus Köhler joined AMR as Supervisor at the beginning of 2022. He has many years of experience as an interviewer and recruiter at Phaydon research + consulting, Mediascore and the IHR Teststudio.



Gabriel de Mirandola

Field Management Assistant


Reinhold Barchet

Strategic Advisor


Simon Chadwick

Strategic Consultant of AMR

Zsolt Takacs

Zsolt Takács

Zsolt Takács studied Business Information Technology at ›University of Debrecen‹. In 2014 he joined ›DataExpert‹ where he became Head of Department and Senior DP Expert.

Survey Programmer

Linus Knappe

Linus Knappe

Linus Ben Knappe is student co-lecturer of a magazine of the ›University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf‹ and teacher at ›Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences‹.

Chief Marketing Officer