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Worldwide CATI surveys

AMR has 52 CATI stations, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. The city itself is a melting pot of cultures, and our native speaking executive field force even more so. But the best part is our ability to execute CATI studies with our own resources. Through continuous training, monitoring and coaching of our international executive interviewer field, we guarantee the highest level of data collection quality. Our clients benefit from coordination and data delivery from a single source that they can trust.
Our staff is completely up to date on all statistical selection procedures and data collection methods. We provide individualized service according to your specific needs and collect as well as analyze data for you, both offline and online.

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Social & Political Research

AMR conducts election polls for political parties, studies for print and
electronic media as well as social research for NGOs and universities.

Survey of European citizens for the European Parliament elections 2014


We conducted surveys in 15 countries for the
European Conservatives and Reformists Party.

SurveyEuropean Parliamentary Election 2014
ClientEuropean Conservatives and
Reformists Party (ECR)
Sizen = 12 132
(n = 6 083 voters and n = 6 049 non-voters).
InfoAMR conducted research in 15 EU-countries among voters and non-voters. We explored the degree of awareness of the political parties and candidates at the European level directly after the elections.
CountriesBelgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the UK

Urban Transport


Project info

The project involved 15 countries in the EU regarding public perceptions of urban transport.

Methodology: CATI

Sample size: n = 200 interviews in each of the 15 countries, conducted in 11 languages  

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denkmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingom

Export trade

EU Service Exporters

Project info

For the International Trade Commission of the EU Service Exporters we interviewed German companies that engage in export trade and are led by women. We conducted 30 minute in-depth interviews.

Sample size: n = 55

Country: Germany

Suicide Prevention

European Commission

Project info

B2C survey interviewing households in 2 control cities in Germany (Leipzig and Magdeburg) and 2 control cities in Ireland (Limerick and Galway). AMR contributed to 2 waves in 2 countries.

Sample size: n = 1 000 interviews in each country targeting 3 age groups: 18–39, 40–54 and 60+

Countries: Germany and Ireland

Publications: Published results of all waves conducted by OSPI can be found here

International Remittance Flows

World Bank Group (WBG)

Project info

The survey was conducted by the World Bank Group (WBG) through the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) Sub-group on Markets and Payment Systems. It included the perspectives of MTOs, banks, and national governments worldwide in countries such as Germany, Netherlands, UK and the USA.

Sample size: n = 30

Locations: USA and Europe

Amnesty International’s Brand Image

Amnesty International

Project info

AMR conducted 2 qualitative discussion groups among members and lapsed members of Amnesty International and supporters and non-supporters of the organization. The group discussions explored the topic of fair trade, perceptions of human rights, Amnesty’s ideals and overall brand image in an attempt to revitalize the brand.  

Methodology: Focus Group Discussions, 2 hours

City: Hannover (Germany)

New York Transportation

New York Department of Transportation (DOT)

Project info

AMR conducted n = 1 000 interviews among households in New York on behalf of the DOT (Department of Transportation) of New York City about the quality of public transportation in the US as it related to speed, safety, connections, accessibility and overall cost. This was a government sponsored project. The survey was conducted in Spanish, Russian and Cantonese with hard quotas on ethnic communities in New York.

Methodology: CATI

Sample size: n = 1 000

City: New York (USA)

Work Conditions
and Practices

European Foundation &
Gallup Europe Belgium

Project info

AMR conducted a Europe-wide survey on work organisation, employee involvement, workplace innovation and social dialogue. The study was carried out on behalf of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound – an agency of the European Union). The aim of the survey was to map workplace practices and learn about the views of workplace-level actors on these practices.

Methodology: CATI

Sample size: n = 1 500

Countries: UK, Germany and Luxembourg

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Quality Management

At AMR we are committed to ensure the highest quality of our studies by means of extensive data quality control from start to finish. In our day to day tasks, data protection plays a vital role.

Field Management

  • Comprehensive and regular training of interviewers
  • Project briefings and debriefings throughout the fieldwork period
  • Live call monitoring and screen sharing
  • Track agent’s performance with call quality scoring
  • Evaluate call recordings

Project Management

  • on-site project briefings
  • periodic status updates
  • survey controlling
  • call backs on 5–10% of all interviews completed, if applicable, or live call monitoring by supervisors and team leaders

Data Management

  • continuous checks of the data sets with regards to completeness, questionnaire filters, quotas, duplicates, plausibility
  • compliance with the provisions of regulation ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20252