Knowledge in Market Research

AMR’s research teams work in a wide range of industries and markets such as finance, IT, energy and telecommunication, just to name a few. For over three decades, we have conducted a large quantity of surveys in diverse time zones. Some of the C-level audiences in our international B2B surveys include politicians, business elites, CFOs, ITDMs and HR Managers among others.

Case Studies

  • Political research interviewing German Members of Parliament in Berlin representing all of the major parties (SPD, CDU, FDP, AfD, Greens and the Left). A total of 80 interviews were completed.
  • Monthly tracking study interviewing 1 500 construction and diesel engine professionals worldwide.
  • Monthly tracking study with 2 400 interviews among business and domestic travellers.
  • Brand image study for an electronics manufacturer in up to 14 countries and 12 000 interviews.
  • Brand tracking study among business and political elites, NGO’s, Journalists and other media professionals, totalling 2 600 interviews for an international bank.
  • Customer satisfaction/NPS measurement study for an Internet provider interviewing 6 500 customers and non-customers in 8 European countries.

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Projects targeting some of the following industries and audiences: health insurance agents, car dealers, online classified portals, real estate agents, recreational vehicles, automotive lubricants, software users, racking systems, catering companies, law firms, labs and spas, among others.


Ron Weidemann

Client Service Manager Answers Research

AMR’s staff is highly knowledgeable in the Market Research space and I view them as a partner—not just a vendor.

Wayne Johnson

Senior Project Director
Braun Research Inc.

We pride ourselves on our corporate values and close-knit relationship with AMR, and in this area they truly shine.

Palle Andersen

COO Partner

Especially AMR’s ability to be upfront with problems and flexible in their approach instead of reacting afterwards has been paramount for a successful delivery of results in several cases.

Holger Dannenberg

Managing Director
Mercuri International

Since 15 years AMR supports us in running various studies. Beside their professional expertise we especially appreciate the international coverage and short term realisation.

Ronald Kühnelt

Manager Market Intelligence
Neopost GmbH & Co. KG

All projects driven by your agency were fulfilled in a very high quality and within the agreed timeframes.

Allen Khorami

Ph.D., President & CEO
Research Solutions International

The agency is very client oriented, they bend backwards to meet the clients’ needs, meet deadlines all the times, they stay within the budget and they never come back asking for more money.

Jan Inge Isacsson

President and CEO
ScandInfo Marketing Research AB

We have collaborated successfully with AMR since 2003 and together we have delivered many international research projects to clients both in the consumer products market as well as in the business-to-business sector.

Sumit Malik

Country Manager
India Spire Research and Consulting India Private Ltd.

As a trusted partner, AMR took extra effort to understand the research requirements, deliver the output in a timely manner and follow-up on the queries.

Todd Dupey

Director Project Services
TNS Hong Kong

AMR consistently provide quality data, stays within budget and finds alternative ways to source difficult target respondents.

Mathieu Capilla

Business Unit Manager
TNS Sofres

AMR also has a hassle-free, hands-on attitude which allows us to focus on our core business whilst they deal with all data collection aspects.

Ulrich Hegerl

University Leipzig

AMR has fulfilled this tracking study in a very high-quality over the past 3 years and we have been very pleased with AMR’s competence in the area of social science-related issues.