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About AMR

New questions are your starting point when you want to achieve more, or when you want to cross national boundaries. Just ask us. AMR has a international team of researchers who will network you with countries on all continents. No roundabout routes, no language barriers, no outsourcing of data collection – the main source of valid market research.

global data collection for your market research

Expertise in B2B Survey

Through extensive experience we have built a worldwide database of high net worth individuals and business professionals in various industries, such as IT-Management, Financial Services, just to name a few. Our B2B panels consist of validated and qualified decision makers at various levels and positions. They are recruited from numerous past studies and credible sample sources and all have been verified by phone. This guarantees a high-quality in sampling of B2B target groups.

Expertise in data collection surveys

Global Reach

With global, native coverage of over 30 languages across diverse time zones and with 39 years of experience, we provide the highest quality of data collection and analysis from A to Z, without compromise.
Our central European location in Düsseldorf is advantageous, allowing us to reach respondents across global time zones: during the day to Europe and Africa, in the evening to the USA/South America and overnight to reach markets in Asia and Australia.


Research Services

Our staff is completely up to date on all statistical procedures and data collection methodologies. We provide individualized service according to your specific research needs and goals. AMR also offers statistical analysis and reporting, tabulations, infographics, recruitment services and more…

Our Interviewers


With a selected, thoroughly trained field team of native speaking executive interviewers, AMR offers added value when it comes to the scalability of multi-country-studies, shorter survey periods and substantial cost savings.

AMR also has a growing team of external interviewers, connected to our survey-platform and working from remote locations all over the world.

Specially trained interviewers conducting surveys for B2B and B2C audiences are selected to work on diverse research projects that match the specific requirements of each project, in compliance with GDPR and Esomar standards.



Expansion into Social Media and Web recruiting


Relocation to new facility with a larger interviewing center


CATI expansion including markets in Asia, EMEA and Latin America


AMR CATI expansion in Europe, North America and Australia


Introduction of CATI


AMR founded by Ulrich Buchholz (managing shareholder of ›forsa Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung und statistische Analysen‹) for the German market 

Meet our Team

Ulrich Buchholz – AMR Advanced Market Research

Ulrich Buchholz

It was his visions and drive that created AMR. The two variables which formed the foundations were the interpretation of time and space: time, which always brings tomorrow with it, and contact with faraway countries. Both of these have become part of our everyday way of acting. It has repeatedly been necessary to take a new look at the way things were developing. With a special feel and empathy, he has succeeded in turning his vision into reality. New methods have been incorporated; global networks have been created and innovative projects successfully realized for political and social institutions and companies. Internally the institute has created its own research methods, producing a mix of methods depending on the project. The key factors have been closeness to clients and committed, personal care from the very beginning.



Alessandra Menghini Buchholz

Creating clarity in a jungle of data and facts; designing a strategy. These are the preferred activities and at the same time the special talent of Alessandra Menghini Buchholz. Handling ›big data‹ with confidence takes an understanding and closeness to data volumes. Since she came from Italy in 1998 and started off at AMR as a social scientist, she has skillfully juggled data collection and data processing, and coordinated IT processes.

– International Account Manager


Inna Georgieva

Inna Georgieva is an experienced fieldwork and vendor manager with a proven professional record. For the past 6 years in her role as fieldwork director and later developing and managing global vendors she has successfully completed projects with multi-vendor, multi-site outsourced operations; managed multi-language teams and international data collection partner network. Before joining the market research industry Inna has gained 7 years of experience in the BPO industry managing international accounts and customer service teams. She is a positive and energetic person with broad vision and knowledge who prefers to work in a dynamic environment and meet new challenges on a daily basis. Her strengths are her commitment to excellence and always encouraging the best from everyone around.



Sandra Kim

The social sciences and law were the starting point for Sandra Kim before she settled in the finance and insurance sector. She moved to AMR from Canada and brought her knowledge of sectors and countries with her to Germany. She enriches the team with her experience in the individual sectors and commits herself wholeheartedly to the projects entrusted to her. She manages the international projects with total dedication and is a contact for companies from very different sectors.

– International Account Manager


Michael Niedan

Michael Niedan is multitalented. He deals equally professionally with finance and people, always has one eye on the processes and never forgets to slip in a friendly word. And he has been doing all of this at AMR since 1997. To say nothing of his talent for languages: his repertoire includes fluent German, English and Spanish. Michael Niedan moves with confidence on international soil: he coordinates German and international projects. He compiles and monitors financial plans, undertakes risk management and looks after the foundation of the company.



Sumesh Viswanathan

A total of 14 years of progressive client management, project management, process analyst and SME experience in major MNCs, including software industries and 10 years in market research. Sumesh started his career in global IT companies (›Motorola‹ and ›Microsoft‹) and moved to ›Kantar Hong Kong‹ in 2008 as senior project manager to handle global quantitative projects in the IT sector. In 2012, Sumesh moved to Europe and started working as senior consultant for AMR with focus to expand their international business; he is responsible for driving AMR’s business and increasing its revenue, identifying and developing new business opportunities global level and client management. Specialties: Business development, multi country project management, internal process management, reporting and analysis. 

– Senior Consultant


Brett Gathje

A well-seasoned manager hailing from the United States of America. He brings with him 10+ years of management experience in many different industries including, but not limited to retail, telecommunications, healthcare and travel/tourism. Most of his work experience was spent with top companies within their relevant industries: He worked at ›Kwik Trip Inc.‹ which is rated as the number 1 convenience store in the category ›overall experience‹ in the USA as well as at ›Mayo Clinic‹, which has been ranked the nation’s best hospital in ›U.S. News & World Report’s 2019–2020 Best Hospitals‹ rankings. It is one of the leading hospitals in the world for cancer research. As a true people person, Brett excels in an international team environment and is a great motivator.

– Head of Field and Recruitement


Thomas Raschen

After studying physics and being an assistant at the university, Thomas Raschen came directly to AMR. During his studies, he taught pupils and students across disciplines. As a lecturer for academic further education, he accompanied students from abroad Universities. Thomas Raschen helped them personally in creating their master’s theses and mediated cross-faculty contacts to research institutes of universities in the region. He benefits from these experiences in his daily field work as part of the supervision. In addition, his scientific and technical training enables him to take on many tasks in the field of IT and facility management.

– Supervisor


Dr. Satish Thalla

Dr. Satish Thalla has more than eleven years of work experience in roles such as trainer, analyst, and manager within the marketing and quality departments. He has conducted research and given lectures in multiple countries across five continents. Working in diverse work environments of startups, MNCs and universities helped him build a good understanding of people and cultures across the spectrum. 
Dr. Thalla’s career is built on the foundations of a Bachelor’s degree in Business and topped with an M.A. and Ph.D. in Social Sciences with a focus on globalization. His alma mater includes prestigious universities like ›Humboldt University‹ in Berlin, Germany (Europe), ›University of Cape Town‹ in Cape Town, South Africa (Africa), and ›Jawaharlal Nehru University‹ in New Delhi, India (Asia).

– IT-Director


Linus Knappe

Linus Knappe is as creative as systematic. Since six years he is designing the communication for companies and using his skills for the general public. Through journalism he wants to enlighten the society: Linus is founder and editor-in-chief of a digital music magazine. Through teaching he wants to encourage critical thinking: Linus is a student co-lecturer of an editorial course at ›University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf‹. At AMR Linus is our expert for digital media and corporate communication.

– Marketing Manager


Rita Wybrands

Intuition that results from experience and expertise. Striving for solutions that go beyond the question itself. Rita Wybrands develops an understanding of the task that involves the client, its target groups, its markets and all the conditions that impact what it does. So every contact with her brings the solution a step nearer. She graduated in Business and Marketing from the ›University of Münster‹. She has managed a large number of projects at AMR and has moderated hundreds of group discussions. And despite possessing an extensive overview, she is constantly open to the views of new clients. 

– Senior Research Analyst