Mixed Mode Research –
The best of two worlds


The telephone as a market research tool? Well established for decades as a reliable and fast instrument for high quality surveys. And the Internet? Just a few years after it became an everyday tool for consumers in the early 2000s, it complemented traditional survey standards – for tech-savvy audiences who were either reluctant or difficult to reach by phone, and who wanted to control the moment in time to take part in the survey and in which pace to complete it.

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The best of two worlds”

AMR and moweb present Mixed Mode at succeet23 in Wiesbaden


AMR Advanced Market Research and moweb research will once again be joining forces with a shared booth at succeet. The market research industry’s leading international trade fair for insights, data and analytics will be taking place for the first time in Wiesbaden from 25th to 26th of October 2023. At booth 100 in the RheinMain CongressCentre, the two companies will present their joint mixed mode research approach, which combines telephone and online research.

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AMR and moweb Combine Phone and Web for Global Research:

Düsseldorf, 15.09.2023

AMR Advanced Market Research and moweb research are taking the next step in their cooperation. On the website, both institutes present their tailor-made approach by merging their CAWI and CATI competences. By combining telephone and web surveys, biases can be minimised and representativeness increased. Methodological weaknesses of one or the other type of survey can be compensated and in some cases even eliminated. And the greater freedom of choice for respondents enhances the survey experience.

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A Heavyweight in Market Research: The Social Desirability Bias


»Do you find Germans inherently superior to other peoples?« – »Do you brush your teeth every night?« Extremely different questions, but they trigger the same reflex in surveys.

Let’s take the first statement regarding the superiority of the German people: it was only recently part of a representative study that citizens from the East German federal states were asked to answer – in writing and anonymously. Other questions in the same study – less polarising and rather innocuous – were asked of the participants personally by an interviewer.

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Global yet personal:
Market Research via CATI

Düsseldorf, 25.05.2023

CATI means Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing.

Yes, you read that right: The telephone that Alexander Graham Bell developed in Boston in 1876. But precisely because the telephone has been around for 147 years, it has stood the test of time: Today, there are more mobile phone contracts in the world than people. According to statista, 5.2 billion people used the Internet in April 2023, but already in 2021 more than 7 billion could be reached by phone. And the telephone offers another unique advantage over all survey methods. CATI can not only be scaled globally, but is also one thing above all: personal.

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Market Research via CATI”

AI or CATI? »For Global Studies, the Telephone remains First Choice!«

Düsseldorf, 19.04.2023

The Interview with Dr. Satish Thalla was first published on in German language.

Dr. Satish Thalla is key account manager for Asia Pacific at AMR Advanced Market Research. He has taught international research at universities around the world: India, Argentina, South Africa and Germany. Today we talk to him about the value of modern market research in a rapidly changing society, and he reveals why an ancient-looking technique could become increasingly relevant in the process.

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AMR + moweb host WeLoveResearch – the networking event in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, 12.04.2023

On Thursday, May 11, 2023 AMR Advanced Market Research and moweb research are partnering to host WeLoveResearch: The networking party during the online festival Week of Market Research. But different to the dozens of online talks of WoM, the WeLoveResearch networking party is an in-person event: The location Sturmfreie Bude is located on top of the roofs of Düsseldorf, in Germany.

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AMR + moweb at Succeet22 in Munich

Düsseldorf, 22.09.2022

Düsseldorf, 22.09.2022: For the first time AMR + moweb will team up at an international fair to present you the best of our joined research methods. Discover the possibilities of CATI + CAWI + mixed mode. After the change of leadership at AMR, this is one of our next steps into a shared future with moweb research. Our joined booth at Succeet22 is located right at the entrance: Booth 100.

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Change of leadership at AMR Advanced Market Research: moweb owner Herbert Höckel takes over further Management

Düsseldorf, 23.03.2022

Düsseldorf, 23.03.2022 – Herbert Höckel, Managing Partner of moweb research, is taking over the management of AMR Advanced Market Research, also based in Düsseldorf. The previous AMR founder and managing director, Ulrich Buchholz, is retiring from the operative business and will remain with his company in the function of shareholder and advisory board.

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Call Me…


In today’s super-connected world, international market research has been increasing in volume and scale for years, and is now more important to businesses than ever before. As millions of people go online, we have witnessed huge growth in the use of the web, technology platforms and the explosion of big data. Brands that were once local now work in multiple markets and target consumers from Bogota to Brunswick.

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Healthy Eating Research


As health, lifestyle and food are all hot topics today, it is important tounderstand people’s opinion and practical knowledge of these topics.  GLOBAL wanted to create significant value for clients, enabling them to gain a better understanding of a lifestyle focusing on healthy eating. Here, we present a simple, clear and (we believe) remarkable cross-country comparison, showing the key results of the research from nine markets on the topic of healthy eating.

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