Zsolt Takács becomes survey programmer at AMR

New Survey Programmer at AMR: Zsolt Takacs
Düsseldorf, 01.06.2023

Zsolt Takács joins the AMR team as a survey programmer from June 2023. He will work full-time remotely from Hungary, programming questionnaires for our global studies.

Zsolt Takács
Survey Programmer

Phone+36 30 591 05 81
Survey Programmer at AMR: Zsolt Takacs

Zsolt Takács brings experience in survey programming and data processing to AMR. His professional journey commenced at DataExpert in 2014: Over a span of seven years, he got promoted several times, eventually becoming a Department Manager. Most recently, Zsolt held the position of Team Leader at Opus Titász.

Zsolt’s education aligns well with his new responsibilities at AMR. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology from the University of Debrecen. His academic and professional experiences have equipped him to deal with complex questionnaires and data sets.

AMR welcomes Zsolt Takács to our team and anticipates his contribution to our projects.