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We’ve been collecting data in over 70 countries with an international team of expert researchers for more than 35 years.

AMR is your source for multinational data collection, both offline (CATI) and online. With global, native coverage of over 30 languages across diverse time zones we provide the highest data quality from start to finish, without compromise.


Centrally coordinated global data collection for B2B and hard to reach audiences


24/7 always available


Significant cost / time savings


International sampling expertise with native coverage of over 30 languages


Global reach with coverage in over 70 countries

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What our clients say

Lawrence Choi
Principal, YouGov Marketing Insights

Over the years, AMR has consistently provided superior data quality, strong research experience/capabilities in over 50 different international markets, proactive and detail-oriented project management, and timely delivery of data (AMR has never been late once a timeline has been established for fieldwork).

Mathieu Capilla
Business Unit Manager, TNS Sofres

We have been working with AMR for the last 5 years on a large and challenging 9 country CATI research among a very narrow and hard to reach B2B population. AMR has consistently proven to be a reliable and open partner which year on year has allowed us to deliver the data quality and insights our client expects from us.